Amazon Jobs Part Time Work from Home | Permanent Work from Home Jobs 2022

Job Responsibilities: Flex Rider

Salary: 125 – 140 per Hour

Company: Amazon

Location: Remote

What is Amazon Flex?

First, reserve a block.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, set up your account, and passed a background check, you can look for delivery opportunities that are convenient for you. Open the Amazon Flex app to search for available delivery blocks in your area. With every offer, you’ll see your expected earnings and how long your block is likely to take you to complete.

Next, make your deliveries.

On the day of your block, head to your designated Amazon location to pick up your packages. Then, using the Amazon Flex app, navigate to each destination, deliver the package that corresponds with that address, and deliver smiles wherever you go.

Lastly, get paid and enjoy life.

Once your deliveries are complete, there’s nothing else for you to do but get paid. Amazon Flex pays via direct deposit once a week, and you can track your payments in the Earnings section within the Amazon Flex app.

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