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Job Responsibilities: Intern

Salary: ₹25,000 a month

Company: Neubrain Solutions Private Limited

Location: Remote

Working hours: 8 Hours

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree

  •  Primary role of the coordinator would involve hiring, sourcing, short-listing and leading a team of freelancers or students of at least a minimum of 7 to 8 individuals who will be doing product demos by visiting various offices of politicians or small businesses.
  •  The coordinator shall be establishing close cooperation and coordination between his or her team and ensure that daily tasks are accomplished.
  •  Recruiting, guiding and managing the team on daily basis, addressing their problems and providing solutions for the same
  •  Evaluate the performance of the team on an everyday basis and report about the day.
  •  Coordinators might need to communicate and ensure that their team is on ground and all members have marked their assignment in the app.
  •  Mid-day, the coordinators need to take an update from the team about their progress and accordingly motivate them to accomplish their daily task.

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