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Job Responsibilities: Teacher (1st-3rd Grade)

Salary: 25,000 – 40,000 per month

Company: Vedantu

Location: Remote

Job Description Summary

The responsibility for ensuring that students in 1st to 3rd grade achieve holistic development in basic literacy and numeracy skills. The primary responsibilities fall under two buckets

1. To create a positive and engaging learning environment for students in class

2. To extend mentoring support to students through post-class engagement to ensure that they achieve high learning outcomes.

3. Drive parent engagement through various activities like reporting on student progress, parent-teacher meetings, etc

Job Description detailed

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ensure high student engagement and learning outcomes
  • Deliver highly engaging sessions for students
  • Ensure high learning outcomes for students (using activity and application-oriented teaching)
  • Ensure healthy engagement in assignments and tests
  • Discuss assignment and test questions in the classroom
  • Provide need-based additional support to students with learning level gaps
  • Provide feedback to the curriculum team to improve the content
  • Reporting and Parent Engagement
  • Provide personalized feedback for students in progress reports and share with parents at regular intervals
  • Drive parent engagement through periodic virtual parent-teacher meetings
  • Ensure high student engagement (attendance, attempt rate in assignments and tests) through parent interaction
  • Attending to parent academic queries
  • Others
  • Meaningfully participate in workshops, training, team-building meetings to improve program implementation
  • Attend and participate in regular team meetings and planning discussion

Skills/Experience Required

  • Pedagogical Skills in subject
  • Ability to engage with young children
  • Learning Aptitude
  • Good logical thinking and aptitude skills. Candidates with a creative bent of mind will be desired.
  • Ability to collaborate and work across the team.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Enthusiastic to work in a growing start-up environment with tight deadlines while maintaining

How to Apply Procedure

Prerequisites for filling up the form

1. Your Updated CV

a. Please make sure The details filled in the form match the CV.

 b.CV must include experience if any, highest qualification mentioning subject proficiency)

2. You’re Uploaded Youtube Video Link/Google Drive link

(Follow the instructions mentioned in the form clearly)


Kindly take care of the below points.

1)Fluent in Communication, Language and Grammar in English

2)80% communication is needed in English

3)Confidence and Enthusiasm for teaching

4)Voice Modulation

(Speech quality and pitch used by the candidate during the session as per the context)

5)Hand Gestures

6)Facial Expression

7)Eye Contact with camera

8)Video related to subject and grade applying for.

Kindly follow the mentioned instructions for YouTube Video Link/Google Drive link

1. The video demo round consists of two parts – Intro & teaching demo

2. The maximum video length to be up to 5-6 mins. (length if flexible to some extent)

3. Starting 1 min of video to be your self-introduction to students of  

Vedantu (Innovative ways are highly rewarding & appreciated)

4. Next 1 min please explain your motivation to become a teacher

5. Next 4 mins would be the teaching demo(mention the grade-subject-topic before starting to explain the concept to students)

6. Shoot the video in Landscape mode: “Torso” (Portrait videos don’t help your 


7. Preferably with ample lighting and a wide-angle frame. The white background is


8. Please ensure voice clarity. Use of props, presentations is allowed

9. Selfie videos are welcome but we will love it even more if somebody else

has shot it.

10. Make sure the Video is public for our experts to have access, else the video will be rejected 

We wish you all the very best !!

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