Unacademy Teaching Jobs for Freshers 2021 Apply Now

Job Responsibilities: Doubts Answering Teacher

Salary: ₹8,296 – ₹15,000 a month

Company: Unacademy

Location: Remote

Working hours: 8 Hours

Education requirements: Bachelor’s Degree


  •  Solving Doubts & Writing solutions for students’ questions in Chemical engineering.
  •  Looking for candidates with good command on topics such as Chemical Reactions and Processes, Energy and Entropy, Heat Transfer, Instrumentation and Process Control, Thermodynamics, Plant Design and Engineering, etc.
  •  Solution writing for doubts asked by students, any plagiarized answers will not be accepted.
  •  Preferably available to solve live questions of students at night (US Shift).
  •  Devote at least 1-2 hours a day to help students.
  •  Write detailed & readable step-by-step solutions to be understood by an average student.
  •  Stick to the answering guidelines.
  •  Write answers in blue or black ink on a blank piece of white paper, take a snapshot, and post them.

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