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Job Responsibilities: Subject Matter Expert

Salary: ₹25,000 a month

Company: Vedantu

Location: Remote

Education Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree

Age: 18 years or above

Job Responsibilities:

  • Curriculum and content design for high school or secondary grades suitable for online teaching and learning.
  • The content design should use best pedagogical practices – identify key learning objectives, use lesson flow that enhances students’ learning and use appropriate visual aids such as image/diagrams, gifs, and short video clips.
  • Create storyboards through brainstorming with the team.
  • Coordinate with the graphic media team to create necessary visual aids to be used in content.
  • Design in-class and post class assessments and worksheets.
  • Create, update & review supplementary content materials like short notes, assignments, tests, quizzes, Mock test series etc.
  • Be responsible for achieving Learning experience and Learning outcome improvement goals.
  • Track student performance data and feedback. Use them to identify gaps in content

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